I practice gentle, intuitive bodywork that allows your system to unwind at the pace it is comfortable with. 

Prices are current but will increase as of January 1st, 2020
Keep reading to check out your options and what to expect during and after your session.

Session Offerings

Initial Appointment

One hour of gentle bodywork, with a little extra time for meet and greet, medical history, and paperwork.


Follow up

60 minutes of bodywork - Great for some solid work without overwhelming the nervous system.


Follow up plus

One hour of hands-on work, plus another of face time for exploration, discussion, and connection.


Soft Belly

90 minutes of gentle, detailed work around the pelvis and abdomen. This is a good way to soften emotional armoring, restore blood flow to the pelvic floor, and get the energy in the lower chakras moving.


Open Heart

90 minutes of gentle, detailed work at and around the heart center. Your ribs and diaphragm will be addressed, and any stuck energies will be encouraged to move.


FInd Your Voice

Not for beginners.
90 minutes of gentle, detailed work at the neck, throat and jaw, including thorough intraoral work addressing the hard and soft palates, teeth and gums. Stuck energies will be encouraged to move.


30 extra minutes hands-on

Travel fee
starts at $40


What to expect

Wear something comfortable. You will remain dressed throughout your session. No jeans or belts, please. These make it difficult to make solid contact with your system and I prefer to avoid them if possible.

For first timers, know that less can more when it comes to your current situation- a well rounded life history will unfold as we work together, taking some pressure off you to get the whole story out in the first session or two. This keeps the analytical portion of my brain from imposing what I think might help, which will interfere with what your body needs to do. Since I work from the principle that your body knows best, that also means that your body will dictate the order in which things are addressed. Where a symptom is located, for example, is not typically where the issue is.

I always will make contact with your body before a treatment plan unfolds- the session then directs itself. Long, slow, gentle holds with some positional release are the hallmark of craniosacral work, but I don’t limit myself to those techniques. If your tissue asks for something else, that’s what I provide. I typically move from place to place, sometimes with no order that seems to make sense- from feet to pelvis, to diaphragm, to lifting and moving your left arm, to your jaw, maybe even inside your mouth. If you are comfortable with the use of essential oils, therapeutic dialogue, breathing cues or visualization, we can use any combination of these. Sessions differs wildly from person to person and from session to session. If you have questions about anything I am doing, I encourage you to ask- otherwise, just get embodied, relax, and enjoy the work.

The most important part of any session is to speak up if you are feeling uncomfortable or unsafe in any way, for any reason.

After your session

Some folks get off the table feeling complete remission of their symptoms. Some feel great for an hour, then feel toxic, or their symptoms return- sometimes with a vengeance. Some notice nothing until a few days after. Some have a emotional release later that day, or week. Some only notice the subtlest of shifts- better posture at work, or a less intense stress reaction to a familiar or irritating situation. Occasionally it takes a few sessions for someone to notice a change at all. Everyone is different, and how your body reacts after a session gives us important information about how your system encounters and integrates change. It’s important to let me know what you experience after a session so we can work with your system, rather than against it- so don’t be afraid to speak up.

It’s always a good idea after having any hands on to drink lots of water, eat nourishing foods, and listen to your system. I often will recommend a mindful walk that day to help your system integrate, but the most helpful thing for you to do is tune in and respect your body.