Terms & Policies

Privacy Policy

Protecting the privacy and the confidentiality of patient personal information is important for everyone. We follow all Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and Protected Health Information (PHI) guidelines. What does that mean?

It means we will not share your personal information with anyone unless you have given express written consent, or in the case of a medical emergency, express verbal consent, unless otherwise required by law. You may ask for a copy of these guidelines at any time. For more information, please visit:

Cancellation Policy

I require notice of cancellation at least 24 hours in advance. Failure to do so, or missing an appointment without prior notice, will result in a fee amounting to one half the full service price. Payment is always due within 5 business days, unless otherwise discussed.

Medical Concerns and Consent for Care

Given the extremely gentle nature of craniosacral therapy, there are very few contraindications, but include chiari malformations or compressions, active brain bleed/stroke, aneurysms, recent skull fractures, cerebrospinal fluid leaks, and spina bifida. It is patient responsibility to keep practitioners informed of any and all medical condition or changes therein. Services received and any options discussed are not a substitute for medical exam, diagnosis, or care. There is no implied or guaranteed success or effectiveness of individual treatment. You, the patient, are responsible for for any risks, injuries or damage known or unknown which might incur as a result of participating in these therapies. Craniosacral bodywork focuses primarily on the structures surrounding the central nervous system but physical contact can range the whole of the body. It is patient responsibility to advocate if practitioner touch is uncomfortable or unwelcome. Please contact us if further information is needed.

Client Rights

While undergoing treatment, you have the right to expect:

  • Complete, current information regarding assessment and treatment plan

  • Compassionate, courteous treatment free from violence from me

  • Honest opinions about practitioners, practices, and treatment

  • Open minded receptivity and prompt resolution of any concerns you may have

Inclusivity Statement

We are committed to the most fundamental principles of freedom, equality of opportunity, and human dignity, especially during these turbulent times. It is the policy of Presence Bodywork LLC not to engage in discrimination or harassment against any person because of race, age, culture, ability, ethnicity or nationality, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, marital status, religious affiliation, and socioeconomic status.