Not only because the actual massage is amazing and has helped heal my body in so many ways, but the therapy after in which we discuss and digest the session, my reactions, what may be causing those reactions, etc. I confide in Sara in a way I only do to my family and closest friends - yet I feel totally comfortable doing it with her. She’s amazing and I can’t recommend her enough!
— Claire S.

“Diving into craniosacral with Sara has been one of the best decisions of my life.”

If you’re looking for someone to partner with you in any kind of healing journey, please see Sara! She understands that our bodies aren’t just physical symptoms to be “fixed”, but rather an intertwined connection to the spiritual and mental/emotional work we are doing in our lives. She offers her work as a beautiful and sensitive way to care for body and spirit.
— Monika H.

“I would not be where I am today without her help.”

I met Sara when I was struggling with pelvic pain and also a brain injury from a fall. The day I met Sara, my life began a new path. This path is improving my life, not just in health, but a feeling of overall peace in my body and mind. Sara’s knowledge of the whole body and the nervous system, along with her light touch, seems to let my body relax and move. She shares this knowledge with me and has softened parts of my body that haven’t relaxed in over 4 years. She can release my tension and also my emotions to give me an overall feeling of peace. Five stars is NOT enough for her. Sara cares.
— Linda S.

“Sara is an amazing therapist and her soul is so kind.”

“Working with Sara has helped me to change my life and love myself.”

I came to Sara during a very hard time in my life. Due to recent relationship woes, I was incredibly stressed, unable to sleep and in pain both physically and emotionally. When I met with Sara for the first time, I was unsure what to expect. Everything felt like chaos and I was desperately looking for some way to tame the chaos in my life. “I will listen to what your body tells me and go where it needs.” The concept scared me as all I felt was pain and wanted someone to fix it. Rather than hard adjust me to a place I or Sara thought I needed to be - it was a gentle experience where Sara facilitated healing and balance based on what my body said I needed. That first time of showing what it meant have awareness of my body started a wonderful journey into physical, mental and spiritual work. Through working with Sara, I have gained a new level of understanding of myself while also lowering my stress, regaining the ability to sleep and gaining tools for relieving my pains emotionally and physically. Sara does not limit her work to just sessions with her; she provides many resources relevant to each individual’s current situation for reading or listening outside of the sessions for continued insight and healing. There is much self work involved, but Sara is there every step of the way.
Sara does not see clients as people she is leading on a path - she treats it like companions walking side-by-side on a new journey, seeing new sights and gaining new understanding.
— Ryan R.